Viivi Health Telemedicine Service

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and recognizing the continually changing needs and demands presently placed upon the veterinary field and all staff, the Provet Cloud team is proud to introduce beta Viivi Health Telemedicine services. Our team is working hard to develop and provide innovative solutions to our clinics. In this line of thinking, telemedicine services have been made available to support our clinics in being able to continue to provide quality medical care while protecting the health and safety of staff and clients. We understand the increased challenges veterinary practices, hospitals, and staff are all similarly facing and working through right now and offer our sincerest gratitude for the tireless dedication.

Remote consultations

The live beta version of Viivi Health app which facilitates remote consultations via video and chat calls. In the app, the veterinarian has visual, voice, and chat connection with the client during the session.

Tight-knit integration with Provet Cloud

Viivi Health Telemedicine service is integrated with the appointment booking and consultation views of Provet Cloud. A link to access the remote consultation will automatically be added to the client’s appointment confirmation message for the client to use.

A veterinarian joins the session by clicking on the designated button in the Provet Cloud consultation view. It is possible to have the client and the Provet Cloud notes view open at the same time within the remote connection.

A secure solution

There are several other video call solutions available on the market, which are either free or subject to charge. These services often are challenged with various data security issues as clients cannot be confident in the channels being used for traffic  or in the location where the data is being stored. Provet Cloud’s remote appointment service is installed on secure servers located in Finland.

Browser or application based

The service can be accessed through either a web browser or a mobile application. Customers can download the free mobile app from Google Play  or the App Store.

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