Instructions for clinics

1. Enable Viivi telemedicine in your Provet Cloud.

Go to Settings > Department > enable the setting Viivi telemedicine enabled.

Once enabled, the buttons for the Viivi telemedicine links will be displayed in the following places: the New appointment screen, the appointment details screen when editing an appointment, and in the consultation’s General info section. In each of these screens, you can send or resend the links to the virtual consultation, or open the virtual consultation. Your client receives an SMS or email that contains a link for accessing the virtual consultation by browser (on a PC and iPhone), or through the application (on Android).

2. Activate the Viivi telemedicine consultation.

From inside the consultation, select the Open telemedicine view button

The Viivi telemedicine ‘room’ will open in a separate tab.

Once you and your client are logged in, you will both have respective camera views: the clinic side will show the client/patient in the larger view, and their own camera broadcast in the smaller circle in the left-hand corner. The client will see the clinic/veterinarian in their main window, with their own broadcasted image in the lower-left corner circle.

Once both parties have connected, you can conduct the session as you need to. There is a chat option which is useful if the sound is poor, or to write down complex names and instructions for better understanding. Since both parties disconnect at the same time and the chat window automatically closes, please copy any important information before ending the session.