What is a consultation?

A consultation is an interaction between a veterinarian and a client, which involves one or more animals. Usually it is when a client visits the clinic for a vaccination or any other procedure. A consultation usually ends with an invoice. Provet Cloud counts how many consultations you have started in a month and includes the figure in your account statistics.

Can I have multiple departments or different physical sites?

Yes, you can. Each department is billed with its own monthly fee. Each department can also have different plans, if needed.

What happens if I exceed my monthly number of consultations?

Don’t worry; we won’t block your account immediately. Provet Cloud will inform you that you have exceeded the number of monthly consultations included in your plan and will suggest an update. You’ll have some time to do that while the system is still functioning normally. If you choose not to upgrade, Provet Cloud will stop accepting new consultations, but you may always browse entered data and export everything.

Can I really have unlimited users and devices?

Yes, you can. We do not limit the usage of Provet Cloud based on number of users or devices. To record who has entered or edited any data in the system, we recommend that every user should always use the system with their own personal user accounts. You are free to create user names and passwords for all of your staff members. You may also use Provet Cloud with your work and home computer as well with your tablet and other mobile devices. We believe that veterinary practice software should be easily accessible without limiting the number of devices.

I run my practice only at weekends, and I have less than 50 consultations every month. Can I really use Provet Cloud for free forever?

Yes, that’s true. You can use the free version of Provet Cloud for as long as you like, if you are happy with the features of the free version. Compare the plans to see which features are included in each plan.

How can I start using Provet Cloud?

Provet Cloud is in principle a web application which requires no software installation on your computer. It can be reached at Provet Cloud website anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection: just check which of our five plans is best suited for your needs and sign up. You will get your plan free for one month. Upon sign-up, you are required to enter your e-mail address as your login name and a password.

How do I pay for my Provet Cloud?

You can purchase a paid plan using a credit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Is VAT included in the prices?

No, prices are VAT exclusive. Provet Cloud is a business-to-business service, and if you provide your valid EU VAT number outside of Finland, no VAT will be added.

Do you ask for my credit card number right away?

No. You can start using Provet Cloud immediately with a free plan, and if you like Provet Cloud, you may upgrade any time to a paid plan. We will ask for your credit card details then.

How do I manage my subscription?

You are able to manage your subscription in the Provet Cloud Settings. See the plan options here. You decide what kind of plan you need on a monthly level. In case your monthly consultation amounts are reaching the limits, you will be notified on the dashboard.

What if I decide to cancel?

If you no longer wish to use Provet Cloud, you may cancel your subscription any time. You will receive a credit for the remainder of that month’s billing cycle. You may also downgrade to a free plan any time. If you decide to leave us, you may take your data with you; we provide extensive export functions to take out all of your patient data from the system as Excel files.

Do you have phone support?

We offer phone support for all our paid plan users. See the Contact us page for the phone numbers.

What is the broadband speed needed for using Provet Cloud?

We recommend minimum 1 Mbit/s/computer connected to the network. Reliable connection is even more important.

How do I transfer my existing data to Provet Cloud?

Provet Cloud has an extensive import function to import data from XLS or XML files. We can also assist you with the import, if you can provide us the backup of your existing data. Price of the data migration is based on the extent of the data, and we can give you a quote after we’ve investigated your data backup. For more information, visit Provet Cloud support page.

How will I be able to communicate with clients?

You can send clients SMS messages and e-mails directly from Provet Cloud. You have the option to send reminders of appointment bookings, vaccination reminders, consultation support, or things such as campaign offers for selected clients. The feedback form is sent to client by e-mail accompanied with consultation information after each visit. This enables you to better track customer satisfaction and improve your service. For more information, visit Provet Cloud support page.

Why should I offer appointment booking online?

Online booking enables your clients to make appointment reservations online, even when your clinic is closed or your telephone line is busy. Online booking will serve both your clients and you, as you may dedicate more time to other tasks. It is also a way to attract more clients.

You decide, which services or treatments will appear in your online booking. You choose the time slots for which your practice will be available for online bookings. You can also add treatment specific instructions to inform your clients about how to prepare for the appointment – for example deworming prior to vaccinations.

You will get a notification, when an online appointment has been made by a client. Read more about online booking.

Where is my data saved and who can access it?

Your data is saved in a separate database. Except for the users authorized by you, only our technicians have access to the data when solving possible unexpected situations in your Provet Cloud. We store backups of your data within our company-owned hosting infrastructure in Finland. All data is stored on multiple servers in multiple locations.

How is my data secured?

Each company’s data in Provet Cloud is stored in a separate database. This avoids any risk of unwanted leaks into another company’s database. All information is encrypted with secure HTTPS connection – the same method used in online banking. Your data is automatically backed up. The data is stored on multiple servers on multiple locations simultaneously, but always on servers which we own and which are located exclusively in Finland. In the unlikely event of a server failure, back-up servers will instantly deliver the same data without compromising Provet Cloud availability.

How can I export data?

There is a possibility for exporting data into an Excel sheet. If you wish to export data for local backup or financial purposes, it can be done in settings in the Export data section. There are also many possibilities to export data directly from reports and for example a day report for book keeping.