1. Select plan


  • One user
  • Calendar
  • Consultation
  • Invoicing
  • Basic Reporting
  • No add-ons
  • Free for 25 consultations

  • Pro

  • $


  • Per user/month
  • + base fee: $75/clinic/month
  • No credit card required
  • Free trial 30 days
  • 1-2 users
  • Includes everything in Free
  • Insurance Claims
  • Phone and Chat Support
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Petmeddata
  • Offline Mobile App

  • Premium

  • $


  • Per user/month
  • + base fee: $150/clinic/month
  • No credit card required
  • Free trial 30 days
  • Includes everything in Free
  • Insurance Claims
  • Chat and Phone Support
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Petmeddata
  • Offline Mobile App
  • Hospitalization Features
  • Inventory Management
  • On-site laboratory integrations
  • External laboratory integrations
  • Wholesaler Ordering integrations
  • X-ray/Ultrasound Worklist

2. Select users

Drag the slider to select the number of user

3. Select add-ons

Price per user per month

Online Booking


Online booking enables clients to book appointments directly into the clinic appointment calendar from anywhere and at anytime, even when the practice is closed. Set-up fee $150.



Online pre-registration form sent to patients that help clinics streamline the client check-in processes and improve the client registration experience.

Advanced Reporting


Advanced Reporting enables clinics additional business and clinical reporting tools and improved export capabilities. Set-up fee $750.

Extended Central Laboratory Dashboard


Extended Central Laboratory Dashboard enables large hospitals and universities to centrally process & manage lab samples at central labs.

Extended User Logs


Extended user revision log management allows the administrators of the clinic to see detailed information about the actions users have taken in the system.

Health Plans (Summer 2019)


Health Plans enables clinic to create and invoice custom health plans for their patients, including free or discounted monthly services and discounts on purchases.

User-specific views (Late 2019)


User-specific views allow each user to create their own customized workspace.

Patient referrals


Patient Referral Dashboard allows easy management of incoming patient referrals. Referrals are integrated with the regular consultation workflow remiding veterinarians to send feedback to the referring veterinarian about the referral case.



Commission based salary can be automated using the Comission functionality. Commission Rules allow administrators to define what is the commission for certain items or subgroups. Automated report is then generated based on the rules. Each person can see their own personal commission report.

Custom fields


Custom fields can be used to input custom information for clients and patients. The custom fields are defined in the system settings and are then visible for the users like any of the hard coded fields in the system.

Advanced Discounting and Bonus system


Advanced discounting allows adminstrative users to set up discounting schemes very flexibly. Once created, the discount schemes are automatically applied to any applicable consultations.

Client Bonus System and Coupons


The bonus system makes it possible to accumulate "bonus" for a client based on their total spenditure. The bonus can then be used on future invoices for the client. Coupons allow administrative users to set up coupons/vouchers/gift card in the system. The coupons can then be used as payments on invoices.

Permissions Management for Multiple User Groups


Permission management is used to control access for users to different sections of the system. Any number of permission groups can be created. The rights for each group are defined separately and many features have a separate selections for read and write permissions. Each user belongs to one of the permission groups and the user rights are then defined by the permission group that they belong to.

Label printing


Types of label that can be printed are: medicine, laboratory, client and patient labels. Laboratory labels are usually smaller in size and require a separate printer. The printer we recommend is DYMO LabelWriter 450. These can be ordered from us along with a small connectivity box.

Weight check station (Fall 2019)


Weight check station is a scale that is integrated with a microchip reader. Animal owners can scan the microchip of their pet. When they then weigh the animal, the weight is automatically updated to Provet Cloud. If the microchip does not exists in Provet Cloud yet, the chip number will still be visible in Provet Cloud and receptionists can easily select it when registering a new patient in the system.

4. Select Integrations

Price per user per month

Accounting integration


Provet Cloud can be integrated with chosen accounting systems (eg. Xero, systems supporting SIE file data transfer) to automatically transfer sales invoices + payments to your accounting system.

Smart flow sheet integration


Smartflow integration provides a two-way integration between Provet Cloud and Smartflow to transfer patient records and documents created in Smart Flow between the systems.



150 $ base monthly fee. 1-time setup fee $ 2000 / per device

DICOM PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) enables your users to automatically receive and view images from your diagnostic imaging devices within Provet Cloud. Allows access to your images whereever you are.


Price free

Online video training
We also offer data migration from 1500 $

Online Service
Price from $ 100 / h

Online training with Provet Cloud specialist
Online video training

On-site Service
Price from $ 1000 / day.

On-site training
On-site training with Provet Cloud specialist
Online video training

Additional services

Data migration
Price from $ 1500.

Price of the data migration is based on the extent of your data

Number of included SMS's

10 000
100 000