Provet Cloud is easy clinic software

Good support and easy clinic management software. These are the reasons why Rembacken Djurklinik (Rembacken Vet Clinic), in Uppsala, Sweden, changed to Provet Cloud.

”It is an easy system to use, easy system to install and easy to put data in. That was difficult with our last system. It saves a lot of time. We are very, very pleased with Provet”, Practice Manager and owner of Rembackens Djurklinik, Dionne Rembacken says.

Rembackens Djurklinik has been run since 2010 by Börje and Dionne Rembacken. Their mission as owners of Rembackens Djurklinik is to provide painless, functional quality of life for their patients through knowledge and commitment. To achieve this, they have created a modern, well-equipped clinic where they engage in the patient and focus on good animal care and an open dialogue with the animal owner.

The clinic employs 11 people. It has advanced equipment such as digital X-ray, ultrasound, a complete, modern operation department equipped for both soft tissue surgery and orthopedics.

”We have begun to perform an operation where we remedy collapsed or ”collapsed” trachea and have a large range of tracheal implants to help all sizes of dogs with this discomfort”, Rembacken says.

Their ambition is to offer services in addition to the more common surveys, treatments and operations animal may need.

To do all this, they need the perfect clinic software.

Quick support, if needed

Dionne Rembacken is pleased with Provet Cloud support. If necessary, she gets the answer for her questions immediately.

”Absolutely at the same day, if not in hours. That was a major plus”, she says.

She also likes the ease of the program. Provet Cloud is an easy system to install and use.

About the author

Saara Liespuu is a publicist and journalist. She writes articles for the Provet Cloud website.