Knowledge means possibilities to offer advanced animal care

“Knowledge”, answers the chief veterinarian Inger Kjellander from Hälsinge Smådjursklinik, Sweden, when I ask what is important at a cost-effective clinic.

“To involve all staff in the work and have a constant dialogue of the process.”

When a person gets the possibility to do what she is interested in, knowledge will grow and spread to colleagues and animal owners. This makes more opportunities to offer advanced animal care.

Kjellander thinks that digitalization is a very important thing in the clinic.

“We are completely dependent on a good computer system. It must be easy to learn for new employees, easy to use and find what you are looking for.”

Kjellander emphasizes that your time with the computer is shorter than the time you spend with your patient. A new era with demand from our clients and ourselves to be able to communicate fast and on different media is a challenge.

Over 20 years of experience

Hälsinge Smådjursklinik was founded in 1998 in Hudiksvall by two veterinarians, Anna Lindmark and Inger Kjellander.

“We quickly grew and moved to today’s location”, Kjellander tells.

In 2010 they started a new clinic in Söderhamn, 50 km to the south, and in 2015 another new clinic in Ljusdal, 60 km to the west.

Today they are more than 30 employees of which 8 are veterinarians, and they are still growing.

“We have about 20 000 patient visits acute in the clinics per year. We do all kinds of medical and surgical treatments, except orthopedics, for dogs and cats and exotics”, Kjellander says.

Their veterinarians have different areas of interest which makes it possible for them to ask their colleagues for advice in difficult cases.

“We have quite a lot of referral patients from clinics in the area. Some clients drive 3 hours one-way to reach us.”

Kjellander herself is the chief veterinarian, with both clinical and administrative work. Her special interest is ophthalmology. About 80% of her patients come for an eye examination or eye surgery. She also does eye consulting at other clinics.

Alternative to telephone and postman

Hälsinge Smådjursklinik chose Provet Cloud a few months ago.

“We needed a new system that was able to give us the possibility to communicate with our clients in a modern way. We wanted a system that’s been tested and worked in clinical settings, with hopefully not so many beginners’ mistakes”, Kjellander tells.

They are still in the process of learning the system, but so far she thinks the greatest benefit of it has been a smooth transition from the old system to Provet with positive staff engagement.

“We are more and more communicating using this alternative instead of telephone and postman.”

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