Animal cage’s badge extracts the information directly from Provet

Press release. Published on 05.04.2018
Finnish Net Solutions Oy

The developer of Provet systems, Finnish Net Solutions, is experimenting with new technologies innovatively and boldly. Now there is in the testing phase the use of electronic ink as a badge for animal clinic’s cages.

E-ink is a common electronic paper display technology. As the name suggests, the E-ink screen tries to mimic the characteristics of ink printed on paper. Great is the low power consumption. The E-ink screen does not use backlight but reflects the light of the environment. Text is also easy to read because it does not blur.

E-ink is used, for example, in large stores as price tags.

“Animal clinics and hospitals can have dozens of cages where the patients are treated. There is perhaps a handwritten note on the door that tells which patient is inside. The notes are replaced, corrected and completed manually. For this we want to bring a solution that reduces both the workload and the number of errors,” says Janne Huttunen, CEO of FNS.

The Provet solution uses a 7.5-inch screen that automatically picks the information on the patient in the cage from Provet. For example, the patient’s and owner’s details, the veterinarian, and other possible information can be read on the screen. The display text is adapted to the needs of the clinic. There may also be a QR code, and the patient card in Provet can be accessed directly by reading it. Other screen sizes may also be used if needed.

Displays work with long-lasting batteries, so there’s no need to download screens all the time like tablets and smartphones. There is power up to many years.
“We want to facilitate the work of clinics by automating routines. At the same time, the quality of work improves. When the data is automatically extracted from the Provet database, the risk of error disappears. We at Provet are testing open-mindedly and creatively new technologies for our customers,” says Janne Huttunen.

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Saara Liespuu is a publicist and journalist. She writes articles for the Provet Cloud website.