A great staff is the heart of a clinic

“The mix of having staff with very high competence, the right mindset, and reasonable costs is a very difficult equation to fulfill”, says Tina Knutas, the owner of Barkaby Djurakut in Sweden, when I asked her what are the main things to being a cost-effective clinic.

“I feel that Barkarby Djurakut is on the right track and I just have the wonderful, experienced and skilled personnel, which makes me go to work with a big smile on my lips every single day.”

Barkaby Djurakut has been in business for 3,5 months. “We´re getting more and more patients each week, which is very positive”, Tina Knutas says.


Barkaby Djurakut is a Provet Cloud user. Tina Knutas started the clinic a few months ago.

“I have been working in different clinics for over 20 years, and 2016 I decided to quit my position as managing director”, she says.

She felt it was time to move on and become independent. It took her almost two years to find a location and build Barkarby Djurakut from scratch.

Once the new clinic was built and staff recruited, they opened in May 2018. Now it is run as a family-owned business.

The name of the clinic, “Djurakut”, means that they take animals that became acutely sick. Approximately 30 percent come in acute and the other 70 percent of clients are pre-booked.

“We are trying to steer the acute cases that are calling us to open times if the condition of the animal allows it”, Knutas says.

In Barkaby Catclinic the focus is to make cat’s experience of veterinarian visit as good as possible.


Cat Friendly Clinic

They treat dogs, cats and different kinds of rodents at the clinic. They do everything and have broad competence in all fields, but as of now, they don´t do orthopedic treatments.

They are also a certified Cat Friendly Clinic with a separate entrance and waiting room for cats. One of the nurses is also certified in Feline Friendly Nursing.

“We see that is very important and the feedback from the cat owners has been overwhelming. Their cats that usually are aggressive and scared when visiting a clinic are more relaxed and calm according to their owners”, Tina Knutas says.

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About the author

Saara Liespuu is a publicist and journalist. She writes articles for the Provet Cloud website.