Pet care made easy for the owner and the animal

The idea of EasyVet in Espoo, Finland, is to be a first opinion clinic.

“There are not many veterinary clinics in Finland with the same business idea. Usually, clinics do almost everything. We mainly deal with proactive health care and acute illnesses such as ear infections or eye infections,” says veterinarian Olli Saalasti, one of EasyVet’s founders.

He categorizes the company as a health center. It has a small reception space. In addition, veterinarians make home visits. The main area of operation is the Helsinki metropolitan area. If a patient is diagnosed with a problem requiring more complex treatment, the customer is directed to the co-operation clinics.

Veterinarians at EasyVet have an animal ambulance at their disposal. You can do all the most common examinations and operations there.

“Finding a parking space in Helsinki from a customer’s yard or on the street is often challenging. That’s why we also travel a lot by passenger car,” says Saalasti.

There are many animal owners in the Helsinki area who do not have a car, so it may be very difficult to bring a pet to an animal clinic. That’s why home visits are good service. In fact, Saalasti tells that the business idea came from a dog owner who wants all the service at home.

Entries on a mobile phone during home visits

Light operating costs are associated with this operating model. The clinic does not have and does not need all the expensive, big equipment, and there are no specialized veterinarians on the payroll. Therefore, the costs of the company are reasonable. Affordability has also been passed on to the prices.

Times for EasyVet can be booked both by phone and online.

Starting a new business is not easy. Saalasti says he has reserved five years to gather a clientele. The company has been operating for almost a couple of years now. The customer base is growing all the time; in that respect, the company is on schedule.

« It requires hard advertising », Saalasti says. He considers being in the social media important, but it is the search engine optimization that brings most customers.

Digitalization is commonplace also in animal clinics. Olli Saalasti thinks it is OK to a certain extent. He is not interested in offering remote consultations.

”In Provet Cloud, I like the fact that on house calls I can make entries on my mobile phone right away.”

About the author

Saara Liespuu is a publicist and journalist. She writes articles for the Provet Cloud website.