Communication is key

In May, Provet Cloud had a historical event: Patient history improvements workshop. We invited Provet Cloud users to take part in the day, to give ideas and opinions about what kind of improvements should be made to make this module better for everyone.

And so many came!

”Patient history is the ”business card” of the clinic, a very important part of the veterinary management system. We have a lot of different users, from one-man company to big clinics, clinic chains, animal hospitals and universities. All of them need different things from the Patient history section and software itself. Also many countries have different requirements for the billing and taxes, for example”, Mira Heiskari, Product Owner says.

That’s why the workshop was a good idea.

”Goal of the day was to improve the readability and have more quality assurance of the data in the history view and print out”, says Jonna Gohil, who was the moderator of the day.

The word of the day was “discussion”. All of the Patient history module was examined thoroughly topic by topic and these users looked at what is most relevant information needed, what important information was missing, and prioritising the larger suggestions for change.

After each topic was a break. Developer worked on the suggestions and at the start of the next session, the developer displayed the changes and again a discussion was held about the presented view. Some of the changes were made by the developer during the discussion, in real time – really rapid development! We are very agile software company!

Not all the changes could be done in the brief time allocated, so those will be prioritised to come later.

”We did the changes that all the participants agreed on, with the thought that those changes were the ones most important and necessary. There were some differences of opinion, but the opportunity to illustrate the ‘why’ of certain processes really helped to other environments to understand; the resulting discussions were very enlightening. I think communication is the key”, Mira says.

At the same table there were people from FNS design team. Team will look at the comments and suggestions that were agreed upon and then take those suggestions and make sure they are designed to fit with the current look and maintain the readability and usability of the feature.

Soon, we will send a memo of the day to all Provet Cloud users. This way everyone can read the “why and how” of these changes.

Mira Heiskari thinks that the biggest achievement of the day was the open discussion.

”We want to develop our product for our customers. Our goal is to save the customer’s time and enhance his or her business.”

“I think that getting the different types of clinics in a face-to-face meeting was an eyeopener for many of the participants as to how their fellow colleagues utilise Provet Cloud. It’s so flexible and can do so much – there was a lot of ideas and tips exchanged,” points out Michele Pelkonen, Support Specialist for Provet Cloud.

Let’s see if this kind of workshop concept can be used to some other topics around Cloud in the future!

About the author

Saara Liespuu is a publicist and journalist. She writes articles for the Provet Cloud website.