Stock management

Stock management allows you to control your stock from one place, produce price lists and keep track of inventory. Also, you can conveniently export data for auditing purposes. Managing the sales articles and creating orders to suppliers directly from Provet Cloud smoothens your daily workflow.

Stock information always up-to-date

With stock management, stock balances are automatically updated based on orders and usage. Accurate recording of the usage then keeps the stock balances correct without further work. Effective monitoring of storage can reduce losses, as the medicines and feedingstuffs do not reach their expiration dates. In an ideal situation, there are always enough, but never too many, medicines, feedstuffs and supplies!

Help with inventory

The inventory can, at worst, be a really laborious job. Efficient inventory tracking is the first step to easier inventory. If the content of the stock is constantly known, the inventory is mainly a check.

Provet Cloud's stock management view