Provet Cloud allows you to personalise the system according to your needs. You can for example create your own forms and lists, import and export data, improve efficiency with pre-designed procedures, automate common veterinary treatments and reduce manual input.

By creating and using templates for procedures, clinical notes and discharge instructions, you will be able to better concentrate on your client and enhance the equal quality of the treatments. You may create lists for medicines, laboratory tests, supplies or food which you can simply collect to the consultation documentation.

You can also add procedures, clinical notes workflow or discharge notes readily made for the most typical treatments and use them in consultation document. This helps the personnel of your clinic to follow same procedures and guidance for the treatments, and thus to unify the processes and manage the quality of care.

The patient documentation is smooth and efficient as the information maintained is used over and over again by simply collecting the data to the consultation sheet.

Provet Cloud's settings