Online booking

Let your clients book their future visits online anytime and anywhere, according to your schedule. They will love it and you will optimise your efficiency. Online booking means that you are ready for the future, because the upcoming generations – your future customers – are living in the digital technology.

More income

Nowadays, online booking is almost a must from the customer point of view. It is also the clinic’s advantage if the customers can book time for the most common measures on their own, on the clinic’s website the customer is able to make an appointment immediately, instead of for example next day when there would always be a risk that booking would not be made at all. None of the clinics that once have deployed online booking wanted to abandon it later. Many of them have told that they have got more customers with the online booking.


Based on shift planning

The deployment of online booking is very easy. Available times are determined by the shift patterns created in the shift planning. The shift pattern is defined as visible in the online booking with one click. Then you just have to define the measures that can be booked online (they can be limited to certain days or persons), and the online booking system is ready to use. Of course, it must also be linked to your website. We provide you with a code that the site administrator can easily embed in the pages.

How to make an appointment online

First, the customer selects the desired measures from your online booking system, and then the desired date from the calendar. They see from the calendar right away if there are free slots for that day if there are, they select the desired time and fill in their information. The customer receives a confirmation of the successful reservation by email and, if desired, a text message reminder. The reservation is now visible in the clinic’s appointment calendar, and you’ll also receive a notification of it in your email.