Provet Cloud is a cloud-based veterinary software changing the way we think about vet clinic management solutions. It supports dialogue with the pet owners by providing online scheduling, communication support and client satisfaction measurement tools. In addition to traditional patient records, Provet Cloud veterinary practice management system enables you to share your knowledge and manage best practices for combined quality and better care of your patients and business.

Discover the highlighted features below!

Appointment & consultation management dashboard

Get an overview of the consultation process easily, from appointment booking to bill payment, even in multi-vet clinics with dozens of patients being treated by different departments simultaneously. Provet Cloud keeps track of every stage of the patient care, even if another veterinary surgeon takes over the shift from you during the consultation.

Billing is quick, for regular visits or over the counter sales. If your client requests a cost estimation prior to his/her visit, it can be calculated and sent with a few clicks of a mouse.
With the system’s management dashboard, you will have constant visibility on key figures that matter to your business. Monitor your KPI’s reliably as your clinic grows! Every day!

Reliable also in the future

Built on twenty years of knowhow, Provet Cloud is at the forefront of vet practice management technology. We are dedicated to a continuous product development: We use agile methods in the product creation, and our goal is to take customers’ wishes into account as well as possible. You can count on us to listen to your wishes and ideas.

We are convinced that we will continue to grow and develop also in the future and that makes Provet Cloud a reliable choice for you.

Manage the quality & share your knowledge

Your knowledge and know-how are valuable. Why not share it? Treatments and diagnoses are well managed and of uniform quality for all customers when you use the same procedures for the same treatments. Create work-flow templates to share best practices for re-use. Decisions are made by the treating veterinarian. 

Versatile and detailed reporting from the system enables you to spot the areas needing improvement for enhanced patient care and improved business performance.

You know that 1 + 1 > 2. One source enables equal information to all members of your team. Consult and learn from each other and together!

Enjoy the great benefits of a cloud-based internet solution

Availability – anywhere, anytime

Provet Cloud is a web-based service, so it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. All you need is a device connected to internet, such as a computer, a laptop or a tablet with a functioning web-browser. Provet Cloud enables immediate access. No extra installations are needed.

Easy to use

Enjoy working with the Provet Cloud’s smart interface while carrying out your administrative tasks. You can use Provet Cloud on different devices thanks to its responsiveness. Upcoming features will be available for you based on your subscribed service plan with no need for self-service updates or downloads.

Less paper

You have access to your data with any device connected to Internet. This reduces the need to print documents for filing. Even sending invoices by e-mail to your customers is possible. 

High level of data security

We care passionately for the security of our clients’ data. Finnish Net Solutions, developer of Provet Cloud, is audited by the Finnish authorities in charge of health and social security, in line with European Union legislation relating to the provision of healthcare services. We also meet the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements which came into effect in May 2018.

All information is encrypted with a secure HTTPS connection – the same method is used in online banking. Your company’s data is stored in a separate place from other Provet Cloud users. This avoids any risk of unwanted leaks in another company’s database. Besides you, only our technicians have access to your Provet Cloud database. We will only access your data to find a solution to a problem identified by you.

Your data is automatically backed up. You do not need to do it. The data is stored on multiple servers on multiple locations simultaneously, but always on servers which we own and which are located exclusively in Finland. In the unlikely event of a server failure, backup servers will instantly deliver the same data without compromising Provet Cloud availability. With us, you will never lose your data.