Registros de pacientes y clientes

Keep all visit, diagnosis, treatment, invoicing and communication records in one place, and search and browse your database history efficiently.

You can store client’s name, address, phone number and email address, and also include notes related to the client. Clients can be defined as belonging to a specific group, such as a staff member or a loyal customer; they will then be automatically discounted for any special discount.

For the animals you can store more extensive information: in addition to the basic data, it is possible to store identification data such as a microchip number or a tattoo identifier, and also include images, text files and pdf files, for example. The files can be downloaded from the patient’s record after saving. Thus there’s always an external document linked with the animal in the system.

In Provet Cloud, animals are always linked to an owner and can be easily moved from one owner to another; consultation data will then be transferred to a new owner.

What’s particularly convenient in deploying Provet Cloud is the possibility to transfer patient and client records from your old system to Provet Cloud. This way, switching the system goes as smoothly as possible!

Patient and client records in Provet Cloud