Choose one of our five pricing plans according to your needs and business size. You’ll pay on the basis of your monthly number of consultations per site – your monthly fee adapts to the number of consultations. Note, that you may have as many users per location as you wish!

See the full list of features included in each plan below. Compare the plans, find out which one is best suited to your needs, and get it free for one month.

Animal Clinic / Practice
Animal Hospital

Prices in other currencies than in euros are estimates; billing always in euros.

Pricing updated with the exchange rate as of 18 October 2018.

  • Standard

  • 69

    per month

  • Up to 200 consultations
  • 200 SMS messages per month
  • Features included in Free subscription
  • + Inventory management
  • Pro

  • 150

    per month

  • Up to 1000 consultations
  • 500 SMS messages per month
  • Features included in Standard subscription
  • + Fully automated reminders
  • + Tasks
  • Premium

  • 490

    per month

  • Unlimited consultations
  • 1000 SMS messages per month
  • Features included in Pro subscription
  • + Hospital patient functions
  • Free

  • 0

    per month

  • Up to 50 consultations
  • Calendar
  • Patient Registration
  • Consultation
  • Discharge and Invoicing
  • Online appointment booking

Prices in other currencies than in euros are estimates; billing always in euros.

Pricing updated with the exchange rate as of 18 October 2018.

  • Premium

  • $490

    per month

  • Unlimited consultations
  • 1000 SMS messages per month
  • Features included in Pro subscription
  • + Hospital patient functions
  • Premium Blue

  • Premium Blue is an enterprise / hospital plan.
  • If you need a customized solution for the needs of a large business, this is your choice.
  • Please contact our sales to discuss more.

Training services

Online training services

Basic administrative training

2 hours / 200 €

This training is targeted for the practice manager and other administrative personnel. In this training we cover the most important settings in Provet Cloud, managing price lists, adding new users etc.

Basic training

2 hours / 200 €

This training is targeted for all the members of your team. The basic training covers the basic use of Provet Cloud. We go through the normal workflow from appointment creation to invoicing and planning of future actions.

Advanced administrative training

2 hours / 200 €

This training is targeted for the practice manager and other administrative staff. In this training we focus on the more advanced features of Provet Cloud like automated reminders and help you to get the most out of the system.

Reports training

2 hours / 200 €

This training is targeted for persons handling financial reports and any other reports. The best time for the reports training is after you have already used Provet Cloud for a while. It’s easier to look at the reports when there’s some data in the system.   

Exact duration and contents of the trainings are largely dependent on your needs and more training might be required. The basic packages described above still offer a good start for any practice.

Our recommendation for a new practice is to purchase each of the training packages mentioned above.

On-site training services

If you prefer on-site training instead of online training, we are happy to offer on-site visits as well. We do, however, recommend some online training before the on-site visit about the settings and administrative functions of Provet Cloud to ensure that the system is set up and you get the most out of the on-site training days.

Startup package for a new clinic                       

4 000 €

Includes 2 days of on-site training and support and an online pre-training for the administrative user(s) in Europe. The 2 hours online pre-training is an essential part of this package as it ensures that you get the most out of the on-site days.

On the first day, you should reserve time for basic training about Provet Cloud for all of your team members. There shouldn’t be appointments during the training. 4 hours is enough for the basic training. After the training in the morning, clients can come in. Try to avoid having a very busy afternoon. Our trainer will remain at the clinic for the other half of the day to provide on-site support. On the second day our trainer will provide on-site support and additional training as needed.

Additional days for the same visit are invoiced at 1 000 € / day.

On-site trainings need to be ordered at least 14 days in advance. Cancellation/Changes of schedule less than 14 days before the agreed date are subject to additional charges. We will invoice 50 % of the agreed total, if the training is cancelled less than 14 days before the agreed date.

Additional services

Data migration

You can import your existing data to Provet Cloud yourself using the import function, or you can utilize our data migration service.

Price of the data migration is based on the extent of your data, starting from 1000 €

Label printing

Readiness for label printing is available for the Pro plan and above.

Types of label that can be printed are: medicine, laboratory, client and patient labels. Laboratory labels are usually smaller in size and require a separate printer. The printer we recommend is DYMO LabelWriter 450. These can be ordered from us along with a small connectivity box. The plug and play device requires only power and ethernet connection to function.

DYMO LabelWriter 450 + connectivity box:
350 €

Includes shipping to Europe and a small amount of labels!

Label type for medicine, client and patient labels is 36mm x 89mm (99012 Large address).

Provet Cloud PACS

Provet Cloud PACS  (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is an online storage for your DICOM images. The images can be accessed easily from Provet Cloud and can be viewed in your web browser. Virtually all imaging equipment that support DICOM sending can be connected with Provet Cloud PACS.

Setup fee for Provet Cloud PACS:
3000 €

This includes one on-site installation day in Europe. Additional days for the same trip are invoiced separately at 1000 euros/day. One day is usually enough for  clinics with 1-4 devices. DICOM send license for the devices is required. The license must be checked from the device provider. Connecting the devices to a PACS usually requires a little help from the device providers.

Monthly fee for Provet Cloud PACS:
180 €/month

Storage for unlimited number of images.

SMS Bundles

Number of included SMS's1005001000 / 10 000100 000
Price20 €60 €100 € / 750 €6000 €

Feature comparison

Free Standard Pro Premium

Price per month / location 0 € 69 € 150 € 490 €

Choose one of the plans according to your needs and business size. You’ll pay on the basis of your monthly number of consultations per site. Note, that you may have as many users per location as you wish. Only one monthly fee, no licence fee.

Max number of consultations * per month 50 200 1000 Unlimited

Consultation is an interaction between a veterinarian and a client, which involves one or more animals. Usually it is when a client visits the clinic for a vaccination or any other procedure. A consultation usually ends with an invoice. Provet Cloud counts how many consultations you have started in a month and includes the figure in your account statistics.

Included SMS messages per month 200 500 1000

Each subscription level have a number of SMS’s included in the subscription fee. Additional SMS’s may be easily purchased online in Provet Cloud.

Attachment files total storage limit 1 Gb 1 Tb 2 Tb 10 Tb

You are able to add attachment files, such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPG, XLS and XLSX, to the client or patient records stored at your veterinary software.

Number of users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

You can include as many users as you wish.

Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling is inbuilt part of each Provet Cloud account. You are able to manage appointments, personnel trainings or view online bookings etc. on the shared calendar.

Online appointment booking

Online booking offers the clients of the veterinary practice to book appointment anytime from anywhere even when the practice is closed. The booking is shown in the appointment calendar. You are able to manage the hours and procedures available for online booking.

Automated email/SMS messages

Each appointment booking is confirmed with an email/SMS message and after consultation, the client receives home care instructions to their e-mail without a need to open a separate solution for the purpose.

Financial, medicine & feedback reports

In the reports section of Provet Cloud you are able to create various reports with different filtering options of financial performance and efficiency figures, stock usage and status or reports of consultation details such as use of medicine, diagnosis or for example reports of treated species. You can also view the reports from the client feedback. All reports may be exported to pdf and excel for further use.

Client feedback inbuilt in the end of consultation communication

It is possible to send client a feedback query attached to the end of consultation e-mail. Send the homecare instructions and other documentation accompanied with the easy to use feedback form. Client may give feedback by clicking the faces and you get valuable information about how your client feels about your service.

Staff shift planning (rotas)

Work shifts may be planned for the staff and the work shifts are visible in the calendar for effective and accurate appointment booking.

Free online & email support

You may contact us using the built-in online chat or by sending email to our support.

Online knowledge base

There is online support base at where you can find FAQ and written quidance of the key features of Provet Cloud.

API to connect to 3rd party applications

REST API to enable integrations with for example external book keeping solutions.

Inventory management

Manage the sales articles and stock or create orders to suppliers directly from Provet Cloud. Available in selected subscription levels.

Possibility to have multiple locations

Provet Cloud supports several departments and multiple locations. This enables companies with multiple locations share the same information while still having their own local specifics in the system.

Free telephone support

In addition to chat and email, you can ask for support also by phone.

Laboratory integrations

Provet Cloud enables integrations to DICOM compatible digital imaging equipment and with the global laboratory equipment manufactures equipment such as IDEXX and VetScil equipment.

Insurance claims

You can send the insurance claims directly from Provet Cloud to the insurance company via email.

Fully automated reminders

It is possible to create triggers such as adding a medicine or procedure on a consultation, which will create a pre-set reminder to be sent automatically to the client. The setting of time and reminder text may vary by the triggers – for example you may want to trigger a vaccine reminder to be sent in after 365 days for example, when a certain vaccine medicine is added to the consultation.


You are able to assign tasks to the other vets and nurses in the practice. Following up the status is easy. You will receive also an email notification about the expiring task. Available in selected subscription levels.

Automated medicine label printing

You are able to connect a label printer to Provet Cloud and print labels with the client, patient and medicine details with ease directly from the data. Label printing integration is available for selected Provet Cloud subscription levels.

Forms & certificate

Forms & certificates function allows you to create printable forms with the auto fill fields for the details from the client & patient details and consultation information.

Ability to order customized reports

In addition to the regular reports, you are able to have reports customized to your specific needs.

Named support specialist

You will be assigned a primary contact person.

Dicom Modality worklist for diagnostic imaging

Dicom Modality worklist allows your digital diagnostic imaging devices (such as x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI) to request work list from the Provet Cloud. Setup of this feature requires, that your diagnostic imaging devices support modality worklist. Setup of this feature requires remote/local consultancy from Provet Cloud support.

Treatment plan & extended hospital functions

Treatment plan functionality allows planning of the future treatment of the hospitalised patients. You may for example plan treatments for the next week beforehand, and in the treatment plan section, the treatments are easily available to be marked as performed when the treatments has been performed. Also extended clinical notes + note templates are available with the hospital functions.