Small animal practice

Days at the animal practice are often bustling and you meet a bunch of clients and patients during a day.

Provet Cloud offers many powerful features to keep all that together.

Provet Cloud smoothens practice’s scheduling and resource management, as it gives you a chance to enhance your time management with a powerful diary able to display multiple clinic users and the scheduling of appointments with a single click. Managing and optimising your employees, facilities and equipment has never been easier! Planning the shifts and working schedules for your personnel in Provet Cloud enables also setting the free times for online booking – the available times your clients see are based on which shifts you have defined as visible. Another very handy feature is that you can export the shift file for salary payment use or print it out for example for your coffee room information board.

Many practices have a very busy phone line. Provet Cloud allows your clients to easily book routine appointments online anytime to suit their schedule. They will love it and you will optimise your efficiency. Many practices have actually told that they have got more customers after deploying online booking.

In Provet Cloud you are also able to collect feedback from your clients after their visit: the post visit e-mail may be accompanied with a feedback form. This enables you to collect valuable information from your clients, which helps you to develop your services and enhance customer experience. The results are easy to share between the personnel on the dashboard.

Fully automated reminders means that you can create triggers, such as adding a medicine or procedure on a consultation, which will create a pre-set reminder to be sent automatically to the client. You may for example want to trigger a vaccination reminder to be sent in after 365 days, when a certain vaccine is added to the consultation.

Stock management allows you to control your stock from one place, produce price lists and keep track of inventory. Also, you can conveniently export data for auditing purposes. Managing the sales articles and creating orders to suppliers directly from Provet Cloud smoothens your daily workflow.

In the reports section of Provet Cloud you can create various reports with different filtering options of financial performance and efficiency figures, stock usage and status or reports of consultation details such as use of medicine, diagnosis or for example reports of treated species. You can also view the reports from the client feedback. All reports may be exported to PDF and Excel for further use.

See the video from Paw Paws, one of our typical first opinion practices.