Equine practice

We understand the challenges equine practices face in their everyday work.

Here are some Provet Cloud features designed to develop your business and to make life at the practice easier.

Provet Cloud allows you to personalise the system according to your needs. You can for example create your own forms and lists, import and export data, improve efficiency with pre-designed procedures, automate common veterinary treatments and reduce manual input.

With patient and client records you can keep all visit, diagnosis, treatment, invoicing and communication records in one place, and search and browse your database history efficiently. You can store client’s name, address, phone number and email address, and also include notes related to the client. For the animals you can store more extensive information: in addition to the basic data, it is possible to store identification data, such as a microchip number or a tattoo identifier, and also include images, text files and PDF files.


Nowadays, online booking is almost a must from the client point of view. It is also practice’s advantage if clients can book time for the most common measures on their own, on your website when you don’t have time to answer your phone, they still are able to make an appointment.

Provet Cloud makes it easy for you to keep in touch with your clients. Automated reminders of visits and vaccinations, sending consultation reports and home care advice all help them to stay happy.

Provet Cloud offers versatile and detailed reports. You can easily follow your business and spot the issues for development. With continuous improvement you can offer clients and patients ever better care and service.

Provet Cloud support will not leave you in trouble. You may contact us using Provet Cloud’s built-in online chat or by e-mail, or utilize our online knowledge base. All these options are included in your Provet Cloud plan at no extra charge, and if you have a paid plan, you’ll get support also by phone.