Animal hospital

Provet Cloud offers a lot of features developed to ease the busy days at animal hospital.

The treatment plan functionality for example allows planning of the future treatment of the hospitalised patient: you may plan treatments for the next week beforehand, and then easily mark them completed afterwards. Also extended clinical notes and note templates are available. Hospital patients are checked and treated many times a day, and you have to write a clinical status with every check. In hospital mode the clinical notes entered at different times are clearly separated with editor details, time stamps and lines.

Forms & certificates function allows you to create printable forms with the auto fill fields for the details from the client and patient details and consultation information.

You can assign tasks to your colleagues. Following up the status is easy. You will receive also an email notification about the expiring task.

Stock management allows you to control your stock from one place, produce price lists and keep track of inventory. Also, you can conveniently export data for auditing purposes. Managing the sales articles and creating orders to suppliers directly from Provet Cloud smoothens your daily workflow.

You are able to connect a label printer to Provet Cloud and print labels with the client, patient and medicine details with ease directly from the data. Also most laboratory and imaging equipments are compatible with Provet Cloud; you can transfer analysis results and images simply and store and retrieve patients’ records.

Access to relevant information is a valuable resource for any animal hospital. Provet Cloud transforms your treatment records into handy management reports. Check the performance of your hospital performing over the last month, during the current year or compare to the last year. See how your clients rate your quality of care or range of services. Provide the veterinary authorities with a medication report or your accountant with an urgent financial statement.

Listen to feedback about Provet Cloud from the Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus, one of Europe’s largest small animal hospitals.