The VetNeuro 2017 focuses on geriatric neurology in Helsinki 21.-23.9.2017

The 30th ESVN-ECVN Annual Symposium is going on in Helsinki. This year it concentrates on the different aspects of geriatric neurology.

”The congress is dedicated to animal aging, so we expect to highlight this topic with our meeting. Invited speakers will talk about this topic”, Sigitas Cizinauskas, the Chairman of the 30th ESVN-ECVN congress, says
The age of vets patients is increasing constantly and it is also a task of neurologists to help to recognize and treat the age-related conditions together with other veterinary specialists.

In the conference, Marc Vandevelde leading veterinary neuropathologist-neurologist, and Johann Lang, neuroradiologist, both from the University of Bern, tell of the correlation of diagnostic imaging and neuropathology.

In addition, there are highlights of electroencephalography readings. Fiona James, assistant professor from the Ontario Veterinary College from Canada, gives a lecture of normal and abnormal findings in EEG.

Many conditions in aging humans and animals have a genetic basis as aging itself is programmed. The conference will highlight the mysteries of genetics aging and the neurobiology memory.

In the congress, there are 320 registered participants, together with organizers, sponsors and invited speakers, it makes 350 altogether. Delegates are from 33 different countries. Forty-three delegates are from outside Europe, most coming from the USA (20), Japan (10) and Australia (5).

Provet Cloud is one of the sponsors of the conference.  ”Our clients, big and small clinics around Europe, meet aging pets every day. Our veterinary practice management solution helps vets dedicate valuable time to neurological cases”, says Janne Huttunen, CEO of Finnish Net Solutions, the maker of Provet Cloud.

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