Provet Weight Check Point saves animal clinics’ time

Press release. Published on 6.11.2017
Finnish Net Solutions Oy

In every animal clinic and veterinary station the weight of a dog or a cat is entered into clinic software several times a day. Logging the weight and checking the microchip manually takes time, and at the same time there is a risk of error. Provet Weight Check Point removes this stage of work: customers can put their animal on the scales and read the microchip themselves. Weight Check Point automatically stores weight in the clinic information system.

If the clinic has 10,000 animals to be weighed each year and each animal’s weighing, saving the weight, and microchip reading takes 1 minute, automating this step saves 10,000 minutes per year, i.e. 20 working days a year.

Clinics typically have quiet moments, but there are also situations when there are several animals coming at the same time. When customers can take care of the weighing themselves and the information is transferred directly to the system, it saves staff’s time. Meanwhile, the chance of error is reduced as the numbers are not entered manually.

Finnish Net Solutions (FNS) launched Provet Weight Check Point at the beginning of September. So far, the response has been good in the test clinics in Finland.

“There will also be trial runs in other European countries during the remainder of the year,” says FNS CEO Janne Huttunen.

He thinks the advantage of the system is the automation of a simple, continuous, repetitive routine, with customers now being able to weigh the animal themselves.

“At the same time, chips are automatically checked. For example, in Sweden, insurance companies are keen to ensure that animal’s chip is checked every time it visits the clinic,” says Huttunen.


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