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The effectiveness in a veterinary clinic means that you will use a powerful veterinary practice management tool that help to make your customers happy and develop your business. Janne Orro, owner and veterinarian from Janne Orro Loomakliinik Tartu, Estonia, says that people hate to be in situation when they feel like just another one in the line. “Caring for animals and a personal approach to their owners is the main thing in effective vet clinic. If every customers feels that they are expected and cared for, they’ll always come back.”

Keep everything electronic, says Janne Orro. Provet Cloud connects to diagnostic and laboratory devices. It is simple to transfer analysis results and images.


6000 patients per year

Janne Orro Loomakliinik was founded in November 2007, so it will celebrate 10 years this autumn.  The practice has grown over time. It started with two vets and two nurses and now there are four full time and one part-time working veterinarians and five nurses. There are approximately 6000 patients cared for per year.

“Veterinary medicine in Estonia is not an easy business. It is necessary to keep up our services, good working environment and supportive colleagues are equally important”, Orro says.

Mostly they are doctors for dogs and cats. They strive to always give the best first line care, however there are specific areas on which they are more specialized. Janne Orro herself likes to see dermatological patients, while her colleague Marju Suviste is more focused on internal medicine and ultrasound. Being a breeder herself, Orro’s other interest is reproduction. In addition, the practice does a lot of soft tissue surgery.

The practice also does a lot of in-house diagnostics: blood and urine analyzes, as well as diagnostics imaging such as ultrasound and x-ray, so they are able to help with artificial insemination using fresh semen.


Janne Orro avoids micro-management and keep herself away from small details that can be easily handled among staff. She choose people not only based on their professional skills but also because of specific personality traits.


Provet Cloud was easy choice

Janne Orro says that her choice to get Provet Cloud came very easily.

“We have never had database on paper and I have had experience with two different practice management systems before. I already knew the difference between professional systems and not-so-well established programs, I recognized good pretty fast. Knowing that good number of Finnish vet practices are happily using Provet Cloud was one strong argument on behalf of Provet Cloud.”

Orro likes the overview of different aspects of the practice. The summaries of turnover, ease of keeping patient and medicine records also reduces her workload.

“My special favorite aspect is the well-working form of feedback: visit summaries that are sent to our customers as well as a nice and easy way for customers to say if they are satisfies or not”, Orro says.

She has a tip on how to save time in everyday working: “Keep everything electronic! We started with one computer on the front desk but as the workload added up it became a bottleneck. Computers in different rooms has reduced this problem.”

The key to efficient workflow lays in hands of the nurse using the front desk and appointment system. Good planning and well-designed time management in the Provet Cloud appointment system helps to keep the veterinarians busy.

Skilled nurses are also of great help. Customers will forgive a lot if they see how veterinarian or nurse really cares for their pet.

Saara Liespuu, journalist

About the author

Saara Liespuu is a publicist and journalist. She writes articles for the Provet Cloud website.