High quality, gentle and loving care for pets

The animal clinic Vetea in Turku, Finland, was born from the idea of providing primary health care for pets in the area where several veterinarians had retired.

“Vetea offers a peaceful and home-like environment and personalized customer service,” the founder of the clinic, veterinarian Tuija Susiluoto says.

A good quality, kind and loving pet care is Vetea’s priority, that is never compromised. The goal is always a healthy and happy pet and an easy everyday life with it.

Vetea offers basic veterinary medicine, basic surgery, preventive dental care, and ultrasound examinations. In the future, X-ray examinations are also available.

“My special interest is surgery. The goal is to add various surgical procedures in the future. Vetea’s premises are excellent for that,” says Tuija Susiluoto.

Provet Cloud is great for a starting clinic. As the business expands, you can buy a larger version of the program,” says Tuija Susiluoto.

Enjoy the little things

Creating a new clinic is a tough effort. There will be a lot of various tasks, issues to be solved and unexpected delays in a short time. Susiluoto recommends reserving enough time to set up a clinic.

“It’s a good idea to track your own progress with To Do lists. It is a pleasure to rejoice even in the small advances because it takes a long time before the operation of the animal clinic can begin.”

As the biggest challenge, Susiluoto considers the recruitment of the first employees and the related paperwork – there is a lot of it.

What determines the clinic’s financial performance?

“The clinic is profitable when the whole is interesting to the customer and prices are suitable from the customer’s point of view. The prices should be compared and the costs must be reasonable,” Tuija Susiluoto replies.


Ordering Provet Cloud was easy

The animal clinic Vetea is one of the first Provet Cloud users in Finland.

Susiluoto chose Provet Cloud as a resource management system for her clinic, for example, because ordering it was easy and the system is simple to use.

“Provet Cloud can be tried out at a low price. If you want, then you can buy a larger version if the size of the clinic increases. The system is therefore well suited to the very beginning of the clinic,” says Susiluoto.

FNS CEO Janne Huttunen says Provet Cloud will be developed for country-specific needs.

“The features needed in Finland have been the priority in the other Provet products. In the near future, they will also be developed for the Cloud.”

About the author

Saara Liespuu is a publicist and journalist. She writes articles for the Provet Cloud website.