Getting ready for the Go-Live at Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus

Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus in Gothenburg, selected Provet Cloud as their future practice management system in July 2016 after a supplier evaluation round. Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus is Sweden’s largest small animal clinic, and has over 40.000 consultations per year.

The shift to a new practice management solution led to extensive planning and forming of a project group with a clear target to enable a smooth and painless move to the new system. With its approximately 40.000 annual patients there is no room for unhappy surprises in the hospital.

In co-operation with the Blå Stjärnan project team Provet Cloud development team has built the hospital features and functions to satisfy the needs of large animal hospitals. The development included imbricated rounds of prototyping and development. Provet Cloud implements agile development principles where the development is done in short cycles enabling the results to be visible to the clients almost instantaneously. This also enables immediate client feedback and adjustments without the need to change large areas of the service.

During December 7-9th 2016 the first tests in real life situation in Blue Stars Exotic Animal Clinic were conducted.  The exotic animal clinic was chosen as first trial location as it is really a small clinic inside Blue Star Animal Hospital with its’ own entrance, examination and treatment areas and inpatient ward. It follows the same hospital procedures as the rest of the hospital, however with a smaller number of patients which better accommodates the first testing and possible challenges.

Blue Star Animal Hospital have strong management commitment to make the change of the practice management solution a success and there is heavy resource investment for planning and support. It is not always possible to have a specific project team, however the management commitment and emphasis on the importance of the change is one reason for the success of the implementation.

Change of a practice management system is also a good opportunity to evaluate the current practice processes and a possibility to adjust them to create greater value for the clients. As Jonna Gohil, project manager at Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus said to the project team at the kick off in August 2016: “When describing the features, do not think our current system and what you can do with it. Think how you would like to see things being done.”

Provet Cloud support team has been present at all times during the Exotic animal pilot and supported the Blue Star personnel when needed. During the pilot the laboratory equipment integrations were tested and x-ray connections established for the coming full Go-Live in February. There has also been extensive integration work performed with the accounting and reporting management system alongside with the integration of the human resources management systems to transfer all the work shifts for the over 200 employees. There is still a lot of work to be done, as Blue Star reviews all the current service templates before implementing them into the new system. In addition, an internally used knowledge base is built to support educational targets and to standardize the practice processes.

The pilot at the Exotic animal clinic started with the transfer of service items from the accounting system to Provet Cloud the day before the pilot started. And to ensure the quality we used the following process: On the first day the veterinarian and Exo-staff used the old system and the project team members – the “Super users” – copied all the data to Provet Cloud. The next day the roles were transferred and the veterinarian entered the treatments and medication to Provet Cloud while the “Super users” entered the items to the old system. The appointment bookings were taken into Provet Cloud before the client arrival and the patients were registered to the appointment in Provet Cloud. The veterinarian wrote the clinical notes and searched the items to be administered and procedures to be done in Provet Cloud. Later the project team compared the contents and results in the two solutions. There were some minor item adjustment needed, however generally everyone was happy about the results of the pilot.

We agreed on an action plan for the second pilot which will be in January for the entire hospital, where all the integrations need to be tested thoroughly. The second testing will also include more personnel and the training for the whole personnel will start simultaneously.

The “Super users” and a previously trained group of staff, the “Power users”, who are the key users for each hospital department, are supporting the personnel during the trials and Go-Live. This enables sharing not only the user guidance of Provet Cloud but also to guide how to use new processes with Provet Cloud. This will help to build the right work methods from the beginning.

About the author

Project Manager, Implementations. Thorough understanding of the veterinary practice processes combined with the in depth Provet Cloud knowledge helps to set up the right, fit for the purpose solution for each customer organisation.