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Provet Cloud is a new cloud-based veterinary software changing the way we think about Veterinary Practice Management solutions.

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What will it do for me?

  • Dashboard

    Shorter waiting times and better customer service
    Full visibility of all activities at a glance
    The Customer: “Getting access to a consultation is hassle-free. The personnel at the practice are always on top of the situation. It seems like a trustworthy place to visit with my pet. “
    The Vet: "Dashboard gives a complete overview at a glance with direct access to information about patients, consultations and invoices. It's easy to know what’s going on in the practice and pro-actively manage changes."
  • Scheduling and online booking

    Quick booking and access to care
    Scheduling and online booking
    Clear scheduling and optimum use of resources
    The Customer: “I have no access to a phone at work. It's a relief to know I can book an appointment anytime using the online booking service.”
    The Vet: “Clear schedule and resource management helps to increase our availability to clients. Provet Cloud online booking enables my clients to book routine appointments when it best fits their schedule.”
  • Consultation

    Transparency in care and billing
    Invoicing and Payment
    The Customer: ”The invoice contains all the treatments and medicine given to my pet during the consultation, together with the home care instructions. I know exactly what the treatment included and how the costs were claculated. I can continue the care at home with the help of instructions attached.”
    The Vet: ”I write the report as the consultation proceeds and the invoice is created automatically from a pre-defined pricelist for all procedures, services and purchase items. Payment can be received smoothly directly from the Provet Cloud veterinary practice management system.”
  • Clients & Patients

    Personalised service and care
    Clients & Patients
    Client & Patient Relationship
    The Customer: ”My vet sends me a reminder when appointments are approaching or when vaccinations are due. After my visit she sends me home care advice to take better care of my pet between the visits.”
    The Vet: ”Provet Cloud makes it easy for me to keep in touch with my clients. Automated reminders of visits and vaccinations, sending consultation reports and home care advice, all help the client to return.”
  • Reporting

    Developing Service and Knowledge
    Development and Innovation
    The Customer: ”For me, it is important that the vet treating my pet has the best knowledge of the appropriate care. I can see them develop and look for better ways to serve me and my pet.”
    The Vet: ”Provet Cloud provides me with versatile and detailed reports. I can easily follow my business and spot the issues for development. With continuous improvement I can offer my clients and patients ever better care and service.”

Why use Provet Cloud

Making your client happier with more choice

Making your client happier with more choice

Many veterinary practices have a very busy phone line. Provet Cloud allows your customers to easily book routine appointments online anytime to suit their schedule. By means of a simple link to your web pages or to your Facebook page, you'll be able to provide your customers with an online booking option with all reservations directly visible in your calendar.

Manage the quality of care

Manage the quality of care

Your knowledge and know-how is valuable. Why not share it? Treatments and diagnosis are well managed and of uniform quality for all customers when you use the same procedures for the same treatments. Create work-flow templates to share best practices for re-use. Decisions are made by the treating veterinarian.

Develop and share your knowledge

Develop and share your knowledge

Versatile and detailed reporting from the system enables you to spot the areas needing improvement for enhanced patient care and improved business performance.

1+1>2. One source  enables equal information to all members of your team. Consult and learn from each other and together.

What is Provet Cloud

Provet Cloud is a new cloud-based veterinary management system, changing the way we think about veterinary practice management solutions and making life at the practice easier through the enhancement of client and care processes.

It supports dialogue with the pet owners by providing new online scheduling, communication support and client satisfaction measurement tools.

In addition to traditional patient records Provet Cloud veterinary practice management system enables you to share your knowledge and manage best practices for combined quality and better care of your patients and business.


“We have been using provet now for about 20 months. It has enhanced our service to our clients with text reminders for appointments and easy to follow consultation updates. We did have a technical issue early on but this was sorted within a few hours as their support was fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone in the business”

Gail Baker
Registered Hydrotherapist
Morecambe, LA3 UK

”The team is there when we need something done. Everything is based in the cloud and that makes it extremely easy for me to manage everything in one laptop.The time savings since we started using Provet are at least two days salary saved per week.”

Ron Connell
Clinic Manager
Paw Paws Vet Clinic Cork

"Simple yet very efficient cloud based system with excellent team of people behind it. The customer service is absolutely brilliant"

Dr Katerina Clarke
Dr Katerina Clarke
Point-of-Care Mobile
Veterinary Clinic

Isle of Man